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Move your mouse, swing the sword, duel to death

Determinance is a multiplayer sword-duelling game. The movement of the mouse corresponds directly to the movement of the sword, so only your skill with a blade matters. Slash wildly or creep in for a stealthy strike: it's up to you. Oh, and did we mention you can fly?

This action game allows you to create your own fighting style. Take on a single opponent in Duel Arena, or engage in a frenetic Free For All battle against up to eight other players online or on a LAN. Offline play against AI opponents is also available.

Take a look at what Determinance has to offer:

  • Two game modes: Duel Arena, Free for All
  • LAN, and Internet play (up to 8 players)
  • Seven characters with their own individual taunts
  • Five distinctive levels
  • Offline play against bots with differing fighting-styles
  • Nine original tracks
  • Fully moddable: design your own swords, characters, special moves...

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Determinance Demo

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